Sup Like a Local at Quote 2 Cast

Sup like a local… You new-age punks probably think “sup” is some kind of greeting. Not so. “Sup” is the proper way to say “eat dinner.” Learn something today? You’re welcome.

Lunch Like a Local at Quote 2 Cast

It’s tough to nail down exactly why, but food really makes a person feel alive. Paris we are not, but Missoula has its fair share of unbelievably fun eateries.

Breakfast Like a Local at Quote 2 Cast

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day before lunch and after last night’s dinner. If you’re going to grab a bite before hitting the office, which is a good idea because Jay Allen will most likely have eaten all the doughnuts, these are the top places your food-deprived feet can carry you in and around downtown.

Drink Like a Local at Quote 2 Cast

There is saloon for every ilk, from the deepest dive to Montana’s version of swank. Clubs? Not really. But you can dance at just about any of the following and no one will care. Maybe stay off the tables.