Gracie Sanford

Director of Partner Alliances at ATG Cognizant

Gracie Sanford, in her three years at ATG, has been along for the ride as the company grew to 100 employees, developed new practices to deliver Salesforce Billing, CLM, and SPM , and successfully integrated with Cognizant. Before managing ATG's strategic partners, Gracie led the SpringCM practice that grew into the DocuSign Agreement Cloud practice after their acquisition by DocuSign.

Gracie enjoys collaborating with others to find meaningful solutions to real-world problems. Her education in engineering, experience in manufacturing consumer goods, and managing teams during her time at a non-profit organization in east Africa, give her a unique perspective on how to bring the right people to the table so businesses can partner better together.

Gracie moved to Missoula to take advantage of the proximity to beautiful public land with her spouse, Frank, and Rwandan cat. When not traveling for work, to Texas to visit family, or out of the country to experience new cultures and food (like right now…), all three of them get outside to hike and camp all over Montana. You might catch Gracie biking downtown and enjoying a glass of red wine at Plonk, or a latte at Drum. If not, she's probably trying out a new recipe for dinner or penciling out a new song on the piano.