The Future of Quote to Cash

Join Strategists from Salesforce, DocuSign, and ATG as we explore new technologies that are impacting Quote to Cash. Introducing ATG's Monetization Ecosystem 3.0!

Welcome to Quote 2 Cast!

11:30 am Mountain Time

Join the day's co-masters of ceremony - Sonia Flamm, ATG Cognizant's Salesforce Practice Director, and Gracie Sanford, our Director of Partner Alliances - as they kick off our fourth annual Quote 2 Cast Summit.

This summer's conference marks our first-ever virtual Quote 2 Cast event. but for those of you that haven't previously come to Missoula for this summit, we'd be happy to box up a handful of honest-to-goodness organic Montana dirt and some critter scat at no charge.

This segment will last 10 minutes.

Sonia Flamm, ATG
Gracie Sanford, ATG

From Pause to Play to Fast Forward: Accelerate and Co-Create

11:40 am Mountain Time

In almost every conversation during our shared pandemic journey, the second question after "How are you doing?" involves some part of the Monetization Ecosystem: an issue concerning supply chain, cash flow, or (increasingly) a need to pivot from being on "pause" to establishing a COVID-19-compatible model for getting things done. That's why it's never been more important to convene the community of Quote 2 Cast, this year without the trout fishing and ziplining – but still, with all the energy and engagement that's made it part of my agenda for the past three years. I'm privileged to have the chance to keynote this year's re-imagined event, at which things that used to be two-year visions must now be reframed as two-month transformations. Let's learn together.

Peter will speak approximately 30 minutes.

Peter Coffee, Salesforce

ATG University

12:10 pm Mountain Time

Take a five minute break and listen to Sonia Flamm and Gracie Sanford as they chat about ATG University, the only non-accredited, non-state funded higher learning institution on our website. However it's likely that the conversation will turn to what it's like to work with the only living recipient of the Quote to Cast Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

You're going to be enthralled for about 10 minutes.

Jay Allen, Q2Cast LTAA Winner

Introducing ATG's Monetization Ecosystem 3.0

12:20 pm Mountain Time

Tom Stergios, Jorge Watson, and Taylor McDermott dive into recent and upcoming changes to ATG's Monetization Ecosystem, focusing on the maintenance of customer experience domains, including a few that are ripe for technology advancement.

Tom is ATG's SVP of Strategy & Corporate Development, while Taylor is an important part of the company's research and strategy team and a bit of a wunderkind. Jorge, am aged-out prodigy, is now VP of Solution Engineering for ATG./p>

Buckle up folks, this will be a 30-minute Tilt-A-Whirl ride you'll never forget.

Taylor McDermott, ATG
Tom Stergios, ATG

Technology in the Wild

12:50 pm Mountain Time

Probably just another five minutes of Sonia & Gracie talking about our Lifetime Achievement Award winner's summer vacation slide show. Or, maybe some technology in the wild stuff.

This session will last a lifetime.

Jay Allen, Q2Cast LTAA Winner

Intelligent Insights & Smart Contracts

12:55 pm Mountain Time

Featuring DocuSign's SVP of Agreement Cloud Strategy Jim Wagner. Additional details to follow.

This will be a 30-minute session.

Jim Wagner, DocuSign

Tuesday Wrap-Up

1:25 pm Mountain Time

Sonia and Gracie will wrap up the day with a special mystery guest (no, not the Quote 2 Cast Lifetime Award winner).

For an entire five minutes, they'll look ahead at Wednesday's sessions around Revenue Blueprint.

Missoula, Montana