It’s Quote to Cash Season

by Tom Stergios | June 7, 2018

Ahhh… June in Montana – the nights are getting long, the sun is out in full, and the raging rivers are finally clearing up and awaiting the Salmon Fly hatch.  It must be time to think about Quote 2 Cast 2018!

What a year it has been since we last gathered in 2017.  Quote to Cash continues to explode, across all industries and all geographies. Our clients and partners continue to innovate in the areas of Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Billing.  It was a record year for ‘golives’ for ATG and our clients, and it was very rewarding to see all the hard work translated into transformative business solutions for client users and end customers.

For 2018, we chose the theme Teaming for Success because, well, that’s what we do everyday! Plus, it’s what helps put the passion into why we do what we do. We work in Quote to Cash, true, but ‘how’ and ‘why’ do we do what we do?  What are some of the innovative hiring and training methods we use to build our businesses? How do we build diversity initiatives that fuel our team’s passion and growth?  At Quote 2 Cast – Teaming for Success, we will explore the very latest in industry trends, teaming principles and best practices, and celebrate our client’s and partners’ successful quote to cash outcomes.

Enjoy the early summer, book your flights and rooms, and I look forward to seeing you in Missoula on August 1st!
July 31, 2017

Now, you’re probably wondering what clothes to pack and other items to bring. Remember, you’re in Montana now. You’ve left civilized society behind.
June 12, 2018

Quote to Cash luminaries from four continents are clamoring to speak or be empaneled, subject-matter experts from the vendor and client side alike are jockeying for the prime speaking slots, and the glut of legitimate news outlets and shady paparazzi asking for press credentials has this ATG marketing team member skipping scheduled naps to try to stay on top of things.