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Here are the synopses of Thursday’s Teaming for Success sessions.

8:45 am

Keynote: Peter Coffee

Peter Coffee, VP of Strategic Research for Salesforce, offers Quote 2 Cast a fresh look at the interplay of shared data, coordinated process, embedded intelligence, and a collaborative culture — inside and out — to succeed in an accelerating world.


9:35 am

Kronos’ Quote to Cash Transformation

John McGregor headlines the Kronos team as they discuss how they approached their Quote to Cash transformation and why certain scope and design decisions were made. Building strong internal teams and partnering with both Salesforce and ATG were critical to the success of the Kronos journey to date.


10:40 am

Women in Technology Leadership

Back by popular demand, this year’s panel will discuss leadership within the context of teaming. This year’s panel includes Theresa Dirker from IBM, Suzanne Swanson from Conga, and Jo Masters from Tquila ANZ. ATG’s Priya Marsonia will moderate.


11:20 am

The Emergence of CLM

Four distinct approaches are emerging for managing contracts for B2B enterprises. Join moderator Ted Brookbank, SVP of Delivery at ATG, as we will present three leading CLM solution providers, who will discuss their individual approach to the market.

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1:30 pm

Keynote: Dan Dal Degan

Join Dan Dal Degan, CEO of SpringCM, for his Reflections on 30 Years of Teaming for Success – the value of good partners, good customers, good employees, and good karaoke.

2:10 pm

Client Case Studies: Teaming Best Practices

CenturyLink’s Shawn Draper, IAS’s Rob Janecek, and RentPath rock star Dan Morris headline this session on teaming best practices. Steve Raye, SVP of Advisory & Transformation at ATG, will moderate the panel.

3:15 pm

ATG & Teaming

Our own Michael Eagan wrangles together a handful of ATG’s most talented young(-ish) rockstars as each relates their experience in teaming for success.


4:00 pm

Changing Teams, Evolving Technology

The technology landscape in Quote to Cash is constantly in flux. Quote 2 Cast is please to welcome three of the biggest M&A stories of 2018 – Cloudcraze, the redhot B2B ecommerce company recently acquired by Salesforce; Avalara, who recently painted Wall Street Orange when they IPO’d; and Conga, which continues to build out their vision, most recently with the acquisition of AI leader Counselytics. This session will highlight the trials and tribulations of these exciting moves, and how they are part of each company’s strategic vision.