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VP B2B Commerce Strategy at Salesforce

Andy Peebler

Andy guides the strategy for B2B Commerce at Salesforce, including product and surrounding ecosystem, go-to-market alignment and thought leadership with customers and industry stakeholders. Prior to Salesforce, Andy was EVP of Strategy and an investor at CloudCraze, the B2B Commerce company acquired by Salesforce in 2018.

Andy has worked in eCommerce nearly his entire career, as both a practitioner and entrepreneur. He played a variety of roles in growing Acquity Group, a digital agency and commerce consulting company from 2002-2013, including leading North America sales during the company’s IPO, and global sales leadership through the company’s purchase by Accenture in 2013. At Accenture, Andy led go to market for digital platforms in North America.

Andy has extensive consulting experience helping companies develop digital strategies and execute multi-channel, global initiatives built upon marketing best practices and world leading eCommerce and digital marketing platforms. He has been a frequent speaker at industry trade shows, client events and with the media on topics including digital transformation, eCommerce, marketing and the Internet of Things.


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Andy will be featured in the session Changing Teams, Evolving Technologies.


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