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Senior Consultant | Software Engineer

Austin Turner

Austin is a passionate software engineer, solution architect, billing expert, and technology evangelist with deep expertise solving business problems with software solutions. He has 10 years of industry experience working in telecom and billing and over five years of experience designing and implementing billing solutions for a wide variety of clients with multiple billing platforms, including Salesforce Billing, Aria and goTransverse.

Austin has expertise with multiple programming languages and frameworks with a core focus on Apex, Visualforce, Salesforce Lightning, Typescript, JavaScript, Angular, and ReactJS. He is the inventor and lead developer of ATG’s FuseKit™, a veritable Swiss army knife used to compare Salesforce® data tables and objects across orgs and environments.


Role at Quote 2 Cast

Austin will be a featured speaker during the Teaming for Success – Unique ATG Approaches session.


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