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Executive Director at Montana High Tech Business Alliance

Christina Quick Henderson

Christina Quick Henderson is founding executive director of the Montana High Tech Business Alliance, a statewide association of more than 320 high tech and manufacturing firms and affiliates. The Alliance and Montana’s hidden high-tech boom have been featured in stories by CBS National News, Fast Company, and the Associated Press. The state‚Äôs tech and manufacturing firms are growing seven times the overall Montana economy, paying twice the median wage, and surpassed $1 billion in revenue in 2016.

Christina is also an adjunct instructor of Management and Organizational Behavior at the University of Montana School of Business and a speaker and writer on tech, entrepreneurship and high-growth companies. She holds a B.A. in English Education from the University of Iowa and an MBA from the University of Montana-Missoula.


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Christina will speak immediately following the lunch break with her Welcome from Montana High Tech Business Alliance.


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