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Marketing Director

Jay Allen

Jay’s journey from womb to conference room began in the shadows of Mount Rushmore on the mean streets of Rapid City in the early 1960s.

He overcame early debilitating setbacks from chicken pox, flat feet, and a hugely disproportionate head to become a fully functioning toddler by age eight. On his 10th birthday, at his parents’ insistence, he packed all of his belongings into his pocket and set out to make a name for himself, since he wasn’t given one at birth.

Because his flat feet and huge head made it nearly impossible to walk more than 30 feet without tipping over, it took Jay two-and-a-half years to walk from Rapid City to Missoula. It was here under the Big Sky that he finally blossomed. By age 14, he’d settled on Jay as his name because the first letter of the name looked like a hook used to catch fish, which is what all the other kids said he smelled like.

In eleven short years, Jay would reach puberty and begin a startling metamorphosis from a physically and socially awkward young man to the physically and socially awkward middle-aged dumpster fire he is today.

Capitalizing on their inclusive hiring practices, Jay has been part of the ATG team since he was heavily recruited off his couch back in 2013. His journey from client project work to we’d-prefer-you-didn’t-speak-to-anyone marketing director is an uplifting, almost spiritual tale that deserves to be told but, frankly, no one wants to.


Role at Quote 2 Cast

Jay expects to be awarded the first-ever Quote 2 Cast Lifetime Achievement Award in a gala, invitation-only ceremony Thursday evening.

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