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Kymberly Corwin

Kym Corwin is the Director of the Production Success Team and oversees ATG’s Expert Services engagements and overall recruiting for the Missoula Solutions Center. She is responsible for ATG’s Deployment Specialists and all projects related to post-implementation support for Billing, CPQ, and CRM solutions. Her primary focus includes mentoring, resource planning, project oversight, and business development.

She also supports Q2C Expert Services engagements, which includes project and contract negotiations, resource staffing, project management, business development, and responsibility for overall client relationships. Kym also works closely with the recruiting team regarding hiring and internship programs with the Missoula Solutions Center.

Kym holds a BA in Organizational Communication Studies with an emphasis in Rhetoric from The University of Montana in Missoula.


Role at Quote 2 Cast

Kym will be a featured speaker during the Teaming for Success – Unique ATG Approaches session.


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