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Director of Alliances

Ryan Marcoux

Ryan, Director of Alliances at Conga, joined Conga’s partner team as a founding member in 2016. Since, Conga has made six acquisitions and Ryan has been integral in building out Conga’s key partnerships in the Salesforce ecosystem with a focus on QTC alliances. Prior to joining Conga, he led the North American team managing ServiceSource’s largest partner, VMware. With a degrees from the University of Connecticut and the University of Colorado, Ryan brings invaluable experience to the Conga Partner team. Ryan will be spending his “Professional Reinvigoration Day” closing on his new house in Golden, Colorado where he lives with his wife, Laura, and their two dogs, Ralph and Luna.


Role at Quote 2 Cast

Ryan will be a featured speaker for the Changing Teams, Evolving Technologies session.


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