Session Spotlight: Aug. 2 at 10:40 am

Women in Technology Leadership

This year’s Women in Technology Leadership panel at Quote 2 Cast presents three women leaders from diverse backgrounds. They all arrived at careers in technology differently and had different education, sponsorship and coaching, and opportunities that gave them a chance to practice and extend their capabilities as leaders and influencers at their companies and in the field of technology.

The panelists believe that sponsoring any person to contribute to their full potential requires a climate that fosters growth, risk taking, collaboration and respect. In their companies they work to create and environment provides mentors and opportunities to sustain the positive momentum that has been achieved in attracting women to careers in technology.

Partnerships with other organizations, institutions and companies are also critical for sourcing new talent and for supporting women in technology. Valuable partnering approaches will also be discussed.

Finally, creating positive team experiences and outcomes relies on allowing team members to play to their strengths and interests which often align to personality. These leaders will openly share their own personality traits and how they influence how they select people for their teams and how they interact within a team environment.

We look forward to a lively dialog with our audience on women leaders in technology, creating dynamic teams and supporting people so they can contribute fully.

Session Panelists

CEO at Tquila ANZ

Jo Masters

In her most challenging and exciting role to date, Jo was appointed CEO of Tquila ANZ in January 2016.


Theresa Dirker

Theresa is the Vice President of Enterprise Transformation for IBM. She makes her home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

VP at Conga

Suzanne Swanson

Suzanne Swanson is the Global Vice President of Sponsors at Conga, a Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner and developer of the Conga Suite, the #1 document generation and reporting applications for Salesforce.

Session Moderator


Priya Marsonia

Priya is an executive on the Advisory and Transformation team at ATG. Her primary focus is to work with clients embarking on a Quote to Cash transformation program for their enterprise.